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Refrigerator compressor not running maintenance

Refrigerator compressor not running analysis of repair and maintenance: no axle is running the compressor common faults, mostly due to moving parts caused by loss of lubricating oil or cold weather, to axle failure. Available following species method excluded: (1) strongly of pen designated method: turns that a compression real top Department of wood pad, take a wood, pad Yu compressor top Department, with hammer along top Department Center location, appropriate forced percussion, again with wood hammer or rubber, along body four week in the lower, by Shang and Xia light knock, above steps for a to three times. General troubleshooting. (2) baking: compress things into an oven to be demolished within the internal temperature stored at 110 ° c for 2 hours. The law due to oil is not smooth or axle failures due to mechanical dead, will be satisfactorily excluded. (3) will change from fault motor capacitor start type: when the operation stops, the ability to extend the start moment change activity types compression motor engineering concerns. Methods are run windings and start windings and a tiny 3-4UF/500V oil-filled capacitors, and thread 1 fuse, this will shorten the startup time and torque increases while utilizing tapped the compressor can start

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