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Home air conditioning ventilation function

(1) function.
in the use of air conditioning in the room, people continue to consume oxygen to produce carbon dioxide, sweat and body odor, especially smoking, indoor air quality, bad for people's health, will produce "air-conditioning disease". By function:
supplementary fee for oxygen. Because the human body is a drain on oxygen, decreased indoor oxygen levels, through high levels of oxygen into the air, increase the oxygen content of indoor air.
from the indoor air. Prolonged use of air conditioning, Interior prone to a variety of odors, such as perspiration, body odor and the smell of smoke through ventilation air conditioning on indoor air and constantly updated, discharged indoor odor, improved air quality, beneficial to human health.
moisture. In refrigeration, air conditioning, evaporator in the continuously condensing moisture in side-by-side outdoor, indoor air moisture loss. Ventilation air conditioning through the high outdoor humidity into the air, achieve the moisturizing effect.
(2) the principle of ventilation.
breathe air ventilation through air conditioning built-in ventilation device, ventilation device the brands are different, sometimes in the indoor unit installed in the outdoor machines, ventilation devices are divided into four parts: volute, DC motor, wind wheels and exhaust pipes. Dang ventilation Shi, part indoor return was ventilation device taking outdoor, at indoor air density declined, produced negative pressure (relative Yu outdoor pressure), due to indoor, and outside has pressure poor, outdoor of fresh air on through doors and Windows sewing into indoor, reached improved indoor air quality of purpose; or is will outdoor of air directly pumping house within, at indoor air density rose, produced are pressure (relative Yu outdoor pressure), due to indoor, and outside has pressure poor, outdoor of dirty air on through doors and Windows sewing was for out, To achieve the aim of improving indoor air quality.
(3) under what circumstances use ventilation air conditioning.
the price is more expensive than the ordinary air conditioning ventilation air conditioning, power consumption is also larger. If all consumers should buy the ventilation air conditioning? Ventilation air conditioning is for: airtight good bedroom interior living room with poor air circulation; when you use the air conditioner for a long time.

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