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Why to clean, air conditioning?
through the analysis of the working principle of air conditioning, we can easily find their work with the vacuum cleaner-like effects – draw in room air, through the damp evaporator full contact, and then back to indoor; over time, the air conditioning is in use after a period of time, filter and heatsink will accumulate a lot of dust, dirt, amines, alkalis, viruses, and other harmful substances. With condensation water can fill the filter, such as a space. Also, install air conditioning room and rarely opened window ventilation, which also provide a good growth environment for mites. Dang air conditioning downtime Hou, temperature recovery will makes mites, and bacteria breeding, mildew, and produced odor, such will directly effect to air conditioning using who of body health, raised respiratory disease, skin,, on human of health constitute great of threat, led to air conditioning integrated syndrome (commonly known as "air conditioning disease") of occurred, especially for newborn and children, mites by brings of pain and does not apply, even may with lifelong. A large number of bacteria, viruses, along with hot and cold air in the room and car cycles, with the increase in air conditioning service life, an invisible bacteria into the human's health.
at the same time, the dirt loop delay, eventually leading to elevated pressure, increases the work load of the compressor of the refrigerating system, cooling, heating rate, increasing power consumption and fuel consumption and noise increases or pollute the air, damaged air conditioning plus bacteria and viruses transmitted diseases, serious harm to people's physical and mental health. Therefore, the air conditioning is in use after a period of time, it must be cleaned. So that we can guarantee you a high quality, comfortable, clean air environment.
II, air conditioning, how long to clean?
by the air conditioning repair manual Description: air conditioning cleaning and maintenance 1~2 times a year. Many users never cleaning the air five or six years, air conditioning, long-term illness and harm human health, reduce the service life of air conditioning, should be cleaned as soon as possible.
III, the five benefits of air cleaning
1, enhanced cooling. Within air conditioning of special cleaning agent for cleaning dust-free stainless steel, smooth air exchange, refrigeration effect is significantly enhanced.
2, healthy. After a special cleaning agent for cleaning, not only greatly reduce the "air-conditioning syndrome" the chance of developing and purifying indoor air and remove the smell of the air conditioning, clean air conditioning can also prevent air conditioning diseases, skin diseases.
3, extension of service life of air conditioning. Special cleaning agents cleaning, air conditioners work environment change, life extension of air conditioner air conditioner is clean as new.
4, reduce power consumption. After cleaning the air conditioner can save 15%-20% and improve efficiency.
5 and reduce costs. After the cleaning and maintenance of air conditioning, lower failure rate, decrease in power consumption, and cost savings.
four, and cleaning maintenance before and after effect compared
not cleaning maintenance:
1, and fluoride Lyon high pressure pressure increased 2, and for efficiency serious reduced 3, and compressor overheating, shortened using life 4, and refrigeration capacity declined, refrigeration effect not obviously 5, and power consumption increased 6, and air conditioner load increased 7, and air conditioner the parts run work exception 8, and fault rate high
cleaning maintenance:
1, and fluoride Lyon high pressure normal 2, and for efficiency improve 3, and extended compressor of using life 4, and Refrigeration capacity, cooling effect of    5, lower power consumption 6, 7, air conditioner parts air conditioner load reduction at standard status 8, lower failure rates
five, air conditioning cleaning and maintenance proper care
as the weather is getting hot, air conditioning was also frequently used. Most consumers know just how to use air conditioning, but I don't know how to maintain air conditioning. In fact, properly maintained air conditioning is essential, relevant statistics show that many failures are caused by improper maintenance of the air conditioning. So experts advise consumers, air conditioning maintenance must be in the correct and prudent way.

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