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Air conditioning installation and maintenance trap

After more than 30 years of development of China's household electrical appliance industry, appliance service industry is also in the process of constant standard, perfect. Along with the change involving the entire appliance industry competition, appliance service also in the subtle changes. , Aftermarket air conditioning as the most important part of appliance service, but some bad maintenance, fees, installation of sloppy behavior was upsetting the healthy development of the market.
to avoid falling into the trap
Shenzhen weather high temperature, use of air conditioning is very large. In recent days, a number of people deceived because of air conditioning repair.
not long ago, people high women's home air conditioning and refrigeration effect is not very good, her telephone look up the brand of air conditioning repair on the Internet and found a site claiming to be the only authorized service point, so calls were made by high asking them to fix it. Maintenance personnel to high Lady home, say air conditioning outside problems, maintenance personnel subsequently climbed to the window of outdoor play, say to add more refrigerant charge 500 Yuan. Because of the hot weather, high also agreed. After the repair is completed, Miss GAO to try an effect, but the maintenance staff said, to wait for two hours and then to boot, if you have any questions, call again.
that night, tall ladies open air conditioning, find air conditioners and cooling effect improves, she called the repair company, has been put off. Afterwards, Lady found air conditioning manufacturers, they knew that they had on when.
professional reminds, usually in regular malls to buy home appliances, even more than the warranty, the original manufacturer service still have the obligation to repair, consumers had better go to normal network maintenance, to avoid falling into the trap.
"Li GUI"
journalists through the full maintenance market survey found that currently found on the search engines to 400 or 800 phone 90% for fake call. Industry sources, for air conditioning repair the same problem of unscrupulous repair and regular maintenance for the difference between the sometimes up to five or six times. While some unscrupulous repair people for the sake of maintaining profit growth for some appliances small problems, are not for maintenance, replacement parts directly to "kill people", to render more profit, deliberately exaggerating the issue to deceive these "cheats" service point has a lot of also went online.
due to the specified service distribution centers, and a smaller number, and flooded many streets without qualification, the "ghost" with appliance repair market. A large number of "ghost" service on behalf of the fraudulent use of special maintenance to entrap consumers, consumers should be careful to identify, avoid being.
reporter caused by improper installation, noise pollution in air conditioning have been plagued by a consumer "culprits". Air conditioning is divided into indoor and outdoor units, indoor units the main sources of noise are not air-conditioned, away from noise of the outdoor unit in addition to the quality of the product itself, is even installed, position not horizontal, or caused by something stuck inside.

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